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Research Clusters

Our research is undertaken on both an individual and project basis. It is organised in four research groups. These groups provide a focus for cross disciplinary teams, individuals and research students.

Housing and Amenity provides an umbrella for research into conceptualisations of homelessness, youth homelessness and the housing environments of poor and elderly people. Quantitative research into thermal conditions and fuel poverty is complimented by longitudinal studies and ethnographic research. Our research on youth homelessness is led by the Centre for Housing and Community Research (CHCR). Our Centre for Environmental and Social Studies in Aging (CESSA) leads our research on issues related to the the elderly and their enviroment.

Transport Policy and Planning is concerned the interface between city planning, urban design and transport accessibility. Questions of social inclusion and sustainability are at the forefront of this group’s work as is the development of practical interventions for planning and design decision making. Research in this area is led by our Transport Research and Consultancy Unit (TRaC)

Local Economic Development is concerned with local enterprise, economic development and city growth. Research in this group includes work on minority ethnic business, international collaborations on mixed use neighbourhoods and the development of multi-strategy policy evaluation methodologies.

Urban Cultures focuses on exploring the relationships between cultural practices, city infrastructure and urban regeneration. This has led to research into models and methods of cultural planning. The group has particular interests in the role of ethnic quarters, heritage landscapes and creative industries in transforming urban cultures and economies.

Details of the research projects undertaken by these reseach clusters can be found on the Projects page


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