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Human Rights and Social Justice Research Institute

The Human Rights and Social Justice Research Institute (HRSJ) was created in 2003

to facilitate multi-disciplinary research, policy analysis, training, teaching and

consultancy. The Institute carries out a broad range of national and international

research, trainings and consultancies and currently has a research strand

concerned with addressing Human Rights defenders at risk. 

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Human Rights Research Students’ Conference
Call for Papers: 10-11 September 2013

New Report published by HRSJ on

Assessing the Implementation of the European Union Guidelines on Human Rights Defenders


View the Recommendations on the 'Role of the EU in UN Human Rights Reform' from collaborative work of the Association of Human Rights Institutes sponsored by the EU COST Action


Human Rights in Healthcare - new guide published by HRSJ


Special issue  of the Journal of Human Rights Practice - The protection of Human Rights Defenders 



A wide-ranging report exploring controversies about equality, human rights and religion or belief in England and Wales has just been produced by researchers in the Human Rights and Social Justice Research Institute 



P.Leach, Resolving Systemic Human Rights Violations – Assessing the European Court’s Pilot Judgment Procedure  in S. Besson (ed.) The European Court of Human Rights after Protocol 14  – Preliminary Assessment and Perspectives, Geneva, Schulthess, 2011

A.Donald, ‘Developing a Bill of Rights for the UK: Lessons from overseas’ in I. Leigh and R. Masterman (eds.) The UK’s statutory Bill of Rights: Constitutional and Comparative Perspectives (British Academy, forthcoming 2012).



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